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The Love Vegan Tomato Burger

By Vegusto 6 days ago 605 Views No comments

This lovely vegusto vegan tomato burger has great levels of protein and the lower levels of fats in it are healthier alternatives.

Vietnamese Baguette

By Vegusto 13 days ago 1009 Views No comments

Taste the flavour of Vietnam with this 'Bánh mì' recipe.

Coronation 'Schnitzel'

By Vegusto 19 days ago 758 Views No comments

Enjoy this very tasty and easy-to-prepare recipe.

Hotsami Sandwich Slices-Snack Ideas

By Vegusto 26 days ago 622 Views No comments

For a healthy and tasty vegetarian sandwich filling or alternative topping for pizza, these ‘Piquant cold cut’ salami slices are quite similar to a garlic-pepper salami sausage, but without the meat!

Wholemeal Rolls with Deli-Style Sandwich Slices and Avocado Hummus

By Vegusto 1 month ago 1283 Views No comments

For a quick and easy midweek lunch idea. The avocado hummus combined with Vegusto's Deli Slices gives healthy eating a new superb flavour.

Vegan Mini Cheese and Sundried Tomato Bites

By Vegusto 4 months ago 4476 Views No comments

A great addition to any party or picnic spread. The delicious combo of Vegusto cheese and sundried tomatoes is so moreish, that it's well worth making a few more of these than you think you'll need...

Vegan butternut squash and cheese ravioli

By Vegusto 4 months ago 6711 Views No comments

A lovely autumnal twist to ravioli. Traditionally packed with meat and cheese, you won't miss them one bit when you taste this delicious vegan version.

How to make vegan enchiladas

By Vegusto 5 months ago 6708 Views No comments

Enchiladas are a bit like the lesser known sibling of burritos and fajitas, but are no less delicious. Usually packed with cheese, they're not very vegan friendly... but a little toying around with Vegusto cheese has led to this fantastic recipe.

Vegan Toasted Cashew Coleslaw

By Vegusto 5 months ago 7542 Views 1 comment

A simple vegan coleslaw recipe, packed with wholesome plant-based ingredients. Cashews are used to bring a smooth creaminess to the taste.

Vegan Ham and Cheese Wrap

By Vegusto 5 months ago 5404 Views 1 comment

A simple option for lunch. Easy to make, delicious to eat! This uses a number Vegusto's award-winning products to create the ultimate vegan version of a ham and cheese wrap.