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Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron want you to eat less meat

Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron want you to eat less meat

The Chinese Nutrition Society, working closely with the Chinese government, has unveiled a campaign to reduce the country's meat consumption. What's more, the campaign is backed by Hollywood heavyweights, James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

At current rates, meat consumption is expected to rise by a whopping 50% by 2030 in China - one of the fastest developing nations in the world. This rapid rise in meat consumption will have disastrous effects on the environment, the health of the Chinese populace, and many animals' lives. It's fantastic to see, then, such a powerful organisation taking proactive steps to curb meat consumption in the country.

In an interview, Professor Yang Yuexin of the Chinese Nutrition Society said that "national meat consumption is increasing every year.“ Recognising the impact on health, he stated "evidence has shown that long-term overconsumption of meat, especially processed meat, will impose adverse effects on our body, affecting our health in the long run.”

With billboards and TV ads lined-up, using a number of celebrities from both China and the US, this is sure to be a hard-hitting campaign. And there'll be English version of the ads airing later this year, starring Arnie himself. Take a look at the filming of the ad here.

James Cameron has been a long-time supporter of the environmentalist cause, and a vegan for several years. Much of his work is now focused on the environment, and his film Avatar was less-than-subtle in its environmentally focused undertones.

Arnold, meanwhile, first hit the headlines for his new approach to reduced meat intake in late 2015, after announcing at the COP21 climate talks that he recommended cutting meat, even going as far as to say that there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan bodybuilders making waves in the athletic circuit.

For Arnie, this isn't just about the environment - it's about health too. In the video above he mentions health problems arising that have been the result of meat eating. Could we see Arnold going veggie sometime soon? The very same man who a few years ago spoke the line 'You hit like a vegetarian!' in his film Escape Plan.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron want you to eat less meat

The ad shows a sweat-drenched and exhausted Arnie traipsing through a dystopian world where the environment has been laid to waste due to meat consumption, with many of the effects being added in post-production via a green screen.

Whilst it remains to be seen how successful the ad is at curbing rampant increases in animal product consumption, it's amazing to see such high profile people onboard with the campaign. It's part of a wider plan called 5 To Do Today, instigated by WildAid, which aims to bring environmentalism to the fore in China, and asks Chinese citizens to consider the environment in their energy use, transportation choices, and now diet.

It's a great campaign with plenty of weight, and whilst Arnie and James' ad will be airing in the US, it'd be great to see a similar campaign in the West with backing from governmental institutions.

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