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Happy Delight (500ml)

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SKU: AMP-016
Contains all the essential fatty acids needed by the body Sourced from the highest quality vegetable sources Good for your brain Good for your skin Good for your body

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Product Description


    Available in 100ml or 500ml Omega Oils are the essential fatty acids required by the body for good health and proper metabolism, Aman Prana Okinawa Oils combine these essential fatty acids in different ratios in their Okinawa range. Happy Delight Oil; with bio-dynamically grown lime, lemon, and orange oils; is perfect for the skin, and its delicious taste make it a favourite of children too! Take one teaspoon of Aman Prana Happy Delight Oil every day to cover all the omega oils your body needs, especially rich in ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) and LA (linoleic acid) which are two of the essential fatty acids required for good health, either take a teaspoon by itself or mix it into your salad dressing, but make sure not to heat the oil; as doing so will destroy the delicate compounds within. Aman Prana Happy Delight Oil; is a rich source of carotenes, vitamin E, and the essential fatty acids ALA, and LA; Aman Prana take great care in the processing of their raw ingredients to retain as much of the natural goodness as possible, the label fully covers the glass bottle to provide a further layer of protection from sunlight, but be sure to keep this oil in a cool dark environment to preserve the delicate components it contains.
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Allergy Icons No
    Ingredients omega-3/6/6/9 and 7: 50% extra virgin sunflower oil*, 35% extra virgin linseed oil*, 10% extra virgin red palm oil* and 4.5% extra virgin wheat germ oil*. With 0.5% organic Happy Delight oil (=oil of the peel of bio-dynamic oranges, lemons and limes). And nothing more. Bovis 14.300, -40 Yin, GI 0
    Preparation No
    Nutrition No
    Storage No
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