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Vegan Ham and Cheese Wrap

By Vegusto 3 days ago 269 Views 1 comment

A simple option for lunch. Easy to make, delicious to eat! This uses a number Vegusto's award-winning products to create the ultimate vegan version of a ham and cheese wrap.

Vegan Aubergine Parmigiana

By Vegusto 11 days ago 4895 Views No comments

A vegan take on aubergine parmigiana - a classic Italian dish. Similar to a lasagne, the aubergine parmigiana contains those classic Italian tastes of rich tomato, garlic, and basil, sandwiched between baked aubergine.

Filo Vegan Roast with Glazed Carrots

By 25 days ago 4975 Views No comments

Sunday lunch is always a great family gathering and this recipe makes a tasty option for your vegan and vegetarian guests. This brings out an extra level of flair to a Vegusto roast.

Deluxe Vegan Tacos

By Vegusto 1 month ago 6560 Views No comments

Tacos packed to the brim with delicious vegan goodies. Enjoy a vegan Mexican with friends (or go it solo if you're feeling extra greedy...)

Vegan Sausage and Tomato Pasta Bake

By Vegusto 2 months ago 10943 Views No comments

A rich and filling pasta bake, packed with Italian flavours, nutritious lentils, and a few special Vegusto additions.

A hearty vegan curry

By Vegusto 3 months ago 12177 Views No comments

This hearty vegan curry is meat-free, yet packed with rich flavours from the heart of India. By using Vegusto Roast you get a great substitute for meat ingredients.

Clementine and Toasted Almond Salad

By Vegusto 3 months ago 10466 Views No comments

A refreshing salad for the warmer months, blending rich almonds, tangy citrus fruits, and strong savoury Piquant cheese.

Meaty vegan BBQ skewers

By Vegusto 4 months ago 11865 Views No comments

Barbecue weather is here. Show that vegans can enjoy meaty treats at a BBQ with these Vegusto skewers. You won't even notice the difference!

Vegan Spinach and Two Cheese Cannelloni

By Vegusto 4 months ago 28762 Views No comments

Cannelloni's not the first dish that comes to mind when you're thinking about vegan-friendly food. It's packed with cheese. Luckily, we're here to veganise this classic dish.

Italian Bean & Lentil Stew with Vegan Sausages

By Vegusto 5 months ago 19612 Views 1 comment

A hearty and satisfying stew, packed with protein from the beans, lentils and vegan sausages. This will fill you up for hours.