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Ten Acre Crisps The Day Sweet And Sour Became Friends (40g)

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SKU: TRT-014
Delicious Vegan Crisps Pack Size 40g

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Product Description



    The Day Sweet and Sour became Friends

    Mr Humble Sweet, the gift shop owner, was a happy, cheerful soul who could not abide a tear shed in sadness. His shop reflected his personality; festooned with everything from fine porcelain to confection and flowers, and not to mention his celebrated ice creams. The place radiated with happiness and colour. While working on his window display one morning, Sweet caught sight of Millicent Sour standing across the street, her slight frame was adorned by a pretty face somewhat spoiled by a stern expression.

    That instant, Mr Sweet knew what he must do... place a smile upon that face. During the course of the day, he inquired about Millicent, a newcomer to Ten Acre, and why she seemed miserable. Some less helpful villagers ventured that it may have something to do with her sucking lemons which had given her a permanently soured look. For his first attempt he had flowers delivered to her door. Humble could see the recipient of his good intent accepting the flowers. To his utter horror, a large bee intercepted her nose just as it approached the bouquet; she recoiled in fright, scattering the flowers on the ground as she fled. Sweet’s second attempt was a chocolate cake laced with a generous helping of good wishes. Again he watched from his vantage point only to be disappointed to overhear her say that chocolate gave her headaches.

    His disastrous third attempt was a kitten, only to find that Millicent suffered from terrible allergies! This caused the postman to run away from the house at high speed holding the kitten aloft, while being chased by her two dogs.

    Humble Sweet slunk home that evening in low spirits.

    The next day was gloriously sunny. Sweet busied himself with something he knew would make him happy; he poured love into his making his famous sorbets. The villagers turned up in droves, this commotion caught Millicent's attention and she approached to see what the fuss was. There were scores of people enjoying the icy treats heaped on a selection of wafers and cones.

    Millicent primly sat down at a table and gave her order for some lemon sorbet. When Humble served the order he just managed to contain his surprise at seeing Millicent Sour. He handed her the sorbet and waited anxiously to see her reaction. The confection was eyed with curiosity before sampling, a moment passed then a smile reminiscent of the sun emerging from behind dark clouds formed on Miss Sour's face.

    She complimented him on his wonderful sorbet and he complimented her on her sunny smile. That was the day that Sweet and Sour became friends.

    ©Yumsh Snacks Ltd – www.tenacrecrisps.co.uk

Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Allergy Icons Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan
    Ingredients Potatoes, Sunflower Oil, Sweet & Sour Flavouring (Sugar, salt, acidity regulator: sodium diacetate E262 , rice flour, yeast extract powder, onion powder, garlic powder, tomato powder, natural flavourings, black pepper, paprika extract).
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